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The Impact of Global Supply Chain Disruptions on Skilled Trades

The carpentry and joinery sectors, foundational to the construction industry, have been significantly impacted by global supply chain disruptions. But what does this mean for these skilled trades? 

At the crux is the domino effect of global operations and supply chain management. When materials, especially wood, become scarce, projects face delays or cancellations. This isn't merely a logistical hurdle; it's a hit to the reputation and financial health of businesses in the trade. 

The construction realm has grappled with myriad challenges: abrupt halts to non-essential projects due to national lockdowns, material shortages, and travel restrictions hindering worker movement. This tumultuous landscape led to a downturn in turnover for many. 

However, there's a silver lining. Post-lockdown, the demand for carpentry and joinery services has surged. As construction resumes, the call for skilled carpenters and joiners is on the rise. To weather these challenges, businesses must evolve: digitise operations, enhance workforce skills, bolster supply chain resilience, and champion sustainable practices. 

Amidst global supply chain disruptions, the carpentry and joinery sectors must not only adapt but innovate, ensuring their crafts remain resilient. 

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