Meet Gary and his Dad

Gary, the creator of Profiler+®, is a seasoned professional with carpentry in his blood. His family heritage in the design and installation of bespoke fitted cabinetry has given him a deep understanding of the challenges of scribing. As a third-generation tradesperson, he has honed his skills and understands the importance of precision.

Where it all started

In 1995, whilst working on a complex kitchen fitting, Gary faced a particularly tricky scribing task when it came to the in fill panel between the cabinet and the exposed stone wall. Finding a block of wood, cutting it to the correct scribe width, holding the material, the block and the pencil needed the two of us to get the job done. At that moment, Gary visualised a scribing tool it was so clear in his mind—a lightbulb moment!

The Hard Work Begins

Gary understood to create a tool that would empower tradespeople it had to achieve 4 important goals -

1. Without exception, it needed to be one handed.

2. The pencil needed to be in line with point of contact with the wall.

3. Adjustable to hold most pencils or markers.

4. Adjustable to the width of the scribe required.

This vision became a reality in 2015 when the Profiler+® tool was officially launched, marking a significant milestone in the journey of Profiler+®.

Join the Profiler+® Community: Celebrating Your Craftsmanship

When you choose Profiler+®, you're not just acquiring a tool—you're becoming part of a supportive and passionate community. Our platform is a space to showcase your exceptional scribing projects, share insights and techniques, and connect with like-minded professionals.

Navigating Challenges: Upholding Authenticity and Quality

Since November 2021, we've faced a significant challenge: the emergence of poor imitations of our Profiler+® tool on the market. These imitations, whilst cheaper, fail to deliver on the promises of quality, precision, and performance that the original Profiler+® tool guarantees. We stand against these imitations and strive to uphold the standards of craftsmanship that our tool enables.

Shaping the Future of Precision Tools, Together

At Profiler+®, we're not just stopping at being your go-to scribe tool. We're set to expand our product range to become your all-in-one resource for precision tools. And we know the best ideas often come from you—the tradespeople who use our tool daily. Got a groundbreaking product idea or feature? We want to hear it. Be part of redefining industry standards and submit your proposal today.

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