Profiler+® User Guide

Check out our User Guide to help you make the perfect scribe; first time, every time.


1. Easy Glide Wheels

Perfectly sized for accuracy with the smoothest action to avoid damage to finished surfaces.

2. Adjustable Holder

Accommodates any marker (2–12mm) so you can continue to use your preferred implement.

3. Thumb Wheel

Secure your pencil or any other marker by tightening the thumb wheel.

4. Moveable Holder

Set the distance by positioning the pencil holder anywhere along the loop for maximum scribing options.

5. Precision Tip

Perfect for scribing very complex profiles, such as skirting or stone walls.

6. Drawing Compass

Draw perfect circles with the Profiler+ adjusting the pencil holder to set the radius.

7. Prongs

With the pencil inserted correctly, the two prongs and pencil tip create a tripod for stability during scribing.

8. Sure Grip

Robust body construction for the best grip in any situation.

In use

Diagram of Profiler+ Easy Glide Wheels in use

Easy Glide Wheels

The wheels are suitable for most profiles.

Diagram of Profiler+ Precision Tip in use

Precision Tip

The easy glide tip is used for complex profiles, such as skirtings, but can also be used for walls or surfaces that are unusually undulated, such as stone walls.

Diagram of Profiler+ being used as a compass

Drawing Compass

Draw perfect circles with the Profiler+ adjusting the pencil holder to set the radius.

Rotating the Pencil Holder

Pencil Holder rotation diagram 1

The Pencil Holder can be removed and rotated to face the opposite direction to bring the pencil closer to the easy glide tip .

Pencil Holder rotation diagram 2

With the Pencil Holder in the centre, grip the loop and pull apart, push the Pencil Holder out.

Pencil Holder rotation diagram 3

Pull the loop apart to reinsert the Pencil Holder in the opposite direction as shown.


Diagram showing pencil inserted into Profiler+
Diagram showing alignment of pencil tip with prongs

For best results, insert the pencil, or other marking implement, through the holder as shown, align with the prongs and tighten securely.

Scribing with Profiler+

Step 1:

Step 1 diagram

Measuring towards the edge of the material to be scribed, put a mark indicating the width or length of material that needs to remain after cutting.

Step 2:

Step 2 diagram

With the wheels in contact with the wall, set the distance by moving the pencil holder to align the pencil point with the mark.

Step 3:

Step 3 diagram

Steadily move the Profiler+ perpendicular to the wall along the entire length of your material to reproduce the outline of the wall.

Pro Tip:

Pro Tip diagram

Apply a gentle pressure between the pencil and thumb wheel so that the two prongs and pencil tip remain in contact with the material to stabilise the Profiler+ during scribing.

Step 4:

Step 5 diagram

Cut along the line, leaving the pencil line showing on the piece you require. This allows fine adjustment after cutting still having your pencil line to work to.

Step 5:

Step 6 diagram

Fit the material in position.