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Photo credit: Louisa Thraves

Phil Lewis uses the Profiler+® in his Tiny Home Campers business. A typical job is converting panel vans into unique campervans.

If there was ever a scribing challenge, campervans or any van fitout would definitely rate among the more challenging scenarios. Curves and structural obstacles are a recipe for errors and wasted materials.

Phil has well and truly mastered the art of transforming any van into the most desirable and carefully designed tiny home on wheels and achieves some the best van fit out work in the world.

It has been a pleasure to meet Phil through Instagram, a guy from the UK living (the dream!) in Australia. It is a real pleasure to see his following grow, but then it’s not surprising, when someone is this good at what they do, we all want to see the magic unfold.

Gary, Creator of Profiler+

Phil Lewis, Tiny Home Campers, Brisbane

Phil Lewis, Tiny Home Campers

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