Fabio Pasinetti, Italy

I'm kinda a Jack of all trades in the wood world 😅 from wood structures to siding and furniture...love them all.

I use the Profiler+® a lot for siding and flooring and I’m always amazed by the final result!!

It is a small investment in money for achieving the best result possible on every job.

Working in Italy, the chance of an exposed stone wall being involved in the installation of any refurbishment or building project is highly likely. A daily challenge.

Fabio has a very broad set of skills that enables him to deliver anything the customer wants. It has been really interesting to see the variety of Fabio’s work and how he brilliantly integrates new and old so that there is a seamless transition every time. He clearly loves what he does and is a true professional.

Gary, Creator of Profiler+

Fabio Pasinetti, Italian carpenter and snowcat operator.


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