Derek Barrett, UK

Profiler+ being used for TV cabinet against brickwork

I use the Profiler+® on most of my site fits to help with those tricky Scribes. Very handy for skirting boards and brick work. Most of my work is all cabinet works so get great use out of this tool.

High quality bespoke fitted cabinetry requires a huge amount of close attention to detail right from the customer brief through to the interpretation of the design and the actual manufacture of the cabinetry.

There isn’t any part that can be left to chance, usually all made in the workshop to ready for delivery and installation.

Derek’s projects are always absolutely stunning and seamlessly integrated into every property. His projects are likely to be the focal point of the room and so to be admired by his clients and others. I too can completely appreciate Derek’s work as it represents my own line of work. The customer may only really see the result, but I can appreciate every step and what goes into it.

I am very happy to be able to feature Derek here for all to see and there is always anticipation waiting for the next project to appear on Derek’s Instagram feed.

Gary, Creator of Profiler+

Derek Barrett, Derek Barrett Design Ltd

Derek Barrett Design – logo

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