Charlie Elliott, UK

For this project we had to make our own parts for these corners to get them finished, so we could get them sheeted.

I used the Profiler+® scribe tool to create the pieces that were missing, which had a greater radius than some of the smaller pieces they supplied. For this, it worked perfectly.

Sheet material doesn’t always come with a four sides that match so for the surface of the ramps, I used the Profiler+® to quickly scribe my sheet line so there a no gaps and make the top surface look immaculate.

The Profiler® for me is just one of those tools you can’t live without; it has come in so handy.

Before meeting Charlie, my only experience of skate parks was watching my younger son whizz around attempting drop ins and tail whips; never had I imagined that I would have the pleasure of featuring such a type of project right here.

But now I get it, and having been introduced to yurt building, I can now easily relate to the art of building skate ramps.

Charlie has taken me into a whole new world of what lies beneath the numerous sheets of plywood. There is a complex network of timber framing full of curves, structure and precise alignment to form the essential foundations for a safe and exciting skate park fit for purpose and to Olympic standards.

I cannot wait to see what Charlie does next, everything is totally unique and a pleasure to meet him through his work.

Gary, Creator of Profiler+®

Charlie's projects range from one-off pieces of furniture, to huge skate park TV shows for SKY.

Charlie Elliott

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