Community Kudos

We have been inspired by talented tradespeople from all over the world and welcome members of the Profiler+® community to share their work.

To get kudos from fellow tradespeople brings a sense of satisfaction and recognition few can appreciate outside the trade. Don’t leave that end panel in the kitchen or freshly laid decking around the pool—get your scribe shared for all to see!

As a community, we are here to inspire, learn from each other and show the art of the possible.

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Through Instagram, we have been privileged to meet some phenomenal guys who have shared their scribes. Our door is always open; why not connect, share and follow?

Phil Lewis, Tiny Home Campers, Brisbane

Phil Lewis, Australia

Phil uses the Profiler+ in custom fitout campervan conversions, for getting perfect profiles on cabinetry and walls where they meet the complex curves of the van structure.

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Snekkerivarsen, Scribe Tool, Scribing Tool, Profiler +

Snekkerivarsen, Norway

A typical project for Øystein includes remodelling, decks and other exterior structures. He uses the “Profiler+ to help build decking around natural objects, such as trees and rocks.”

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Derek Barrett, UK

I use the Profiler+ on most of my site fits to help with those tricky Scribes.

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Craig Leask, New Zealand

The Profiler+ helps me by being easily adjusted and accurate. I deal with multiple pieces of timber at various sizes, so I need a tool I can adjust quickly to make my scribes.

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Charlie Elliott, UK

For this skate ramp project we had to make our own parts. The Profiler+ for me is just one of those tools you can’t live without.

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Fabio Pasinetti, Italy

The Profiler+ is a small investment in money for achieving the best result possible on every job.

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New scenarios are shared on our Instagram feed; from materials to landscapes. A place where professional tradespeople can show their work.

Our tool is just the start. Connect and become part of a global community, find inspiration and appreciate the work of fellow tradespeople.