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The Role of Women in Skilled Trades: Challenging Stereotypes

In a world where women have broken through glass ceilings in numerous sectors, why does the stereotype still exist that they're not cut out for wielding a saw or chisel?  


Carpentry and joinery, essential components of the skilled trades, continue to be male-dominated fields. But why is this the case? 


Society often amplifies gender stereotypes, which in turn shape career decisions. Films and media rarely depict women using tools or producing detailed woodwork. These entrenched beliefs not only restrict women's ambitions but also rob industries of a diverse range of skills. 


The stark truth? The 2022 Working Futures report unveiled a sobering statistic: only 1.03% of the carpentry and joinery workforce in the UK is female. The challenges are many, from outdated views that such trades are "jobs for the lads" to a lack of knowledge about apprenticeships as a genuine career option. 


Yet, there's a shift on the horizon. By endorsing apprenticeships, eliminating barriers to entry, and promoting inclusivity, we can challenge these outdated views. It's high time we advocate for change, ensuring carpentry and joinery are as much a realm for women as any other profession. 


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