Great tools get copied, badly

"Keep calm and carry on Scribing" in a picture frame

It is something that is happening across the world and a challenge major tool brands face daily.

For us, on one level, there is a degree of flattery. Why not? The Profiler+® is great product and someone has taken the trouble to try to copy it. They’ve clearly invested a lot of time and effort but without the understanding of how to scribe.

In reality, it is a violation of our intellectual property and rips off future consumers if they buy the fake that doesn’t work. The Profiler+ was engineered and designed from first-hand experience. The ‘copy’ is a poor imitation that doesn’t scribe with any degree of accuracy.

Our aim is always to celebrate excellent craftsmanship and to build a community of talented tradespeople who share their work for all to admire and enjoy. This comes from recognising details and elevated workmanship. This can only be achieved using the very best materials and tools in the hands of the most talented tradespeople.

The Profiler+ was created here in the UK and continues to be, with production closely overseen and monitored by the creator, Gary. As a company, the Profiler+ stands true to its values and community.

Fake websites and social media campaigns promote the fake product often named, “Precise Contour Gauge with Lock, Contour Gauge Profile Tool”; in other places it is called a “Contour Fetcher”. Some of the sellers remain for a couple of weeks, others disappear once they have made a sale or two.

We see other major tool fakes listed near to ours and are working hard to remove what we can. To ensure that you buy the Profiler+ The Ultimate Scribing Tool, please check our list of authorised resellers or buy from our Amazon listings.

Let’s continue to do what we do best: deliver the highest standards of work and, for us, manufacture and assemble one of the world’s leading tools.

Please continue to share your work for the community to admire and let’s show them how it’s done! Poor tools, poor workmanship—not here, that’s for sure.

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