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Hand holding house shape crafted from wood

The Impact of Sustainability on Skilled Trades: What You Need to Know 

In a period of heightened environmental consciousness, carpentry and joinery are facing a significant turning point. But what does sustainability genuinely represent for these trades? 

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Aerial view of lorry trailer park

The Impact of Global Supply Chain Disruptions on Skilled Trades 

The carpentry and joinery sectors, foundational to the construction industry, have been significantly impacted by global supply chain disruptions. But what does this mean for these skilled trades? 

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Images of skilled tradesman

The Stigma Around Skilled Trades: Changing the Narrative

Carpentry and joinery have historically moulded our surroundings, from the homes we inhabit to the furniture we cherish. Yet, there’s a prevailing stigma suggesting these trades are less esteemed or intellectually demanding. 

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Woman working in a workshop

The Role of Women in Skilled Trades: Challenging Stereotypes 

In a world where women have broken through glass ceilings in numerous sectors, why does the stereotype still exist that they’re not cut out for wielding a saw or chisel?  

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Tradespeople at work

The Decline of Apprenticeships: A Threat to the Future of Skilled Labour

“Why are young talents turning away from the construction industry, jeopardising the future of skilled labour?” The answer lies in the diminishing opportunities for apprenticeships and the societal stigma surrounding trades. 

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Back of an open van containing tools.

United in Solidarity: Protecting the Livelihood of Hardworking Tradespeople 

At Profiler+, we deeply empathise with the profound impact that tool theft from work vans has on hardworking tradespeople.

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