The Profiler+® Story

Gary, Creator of Profiler+ is a fellow tradesperson. Carpentry is in his blood, working in the third generation of a family business specialising in the design and installation of bespoke fitted kitchens, bedrooms and other bespoke fitted cabinetry. Gary is no stranger to the task of scribing!

Read on as Gary explains the story of the Profiler+…

Gary and his dad

Gary and his Dad

I didn’t set out to invent something!

Gary Nicholls

The Profiler+ was sparked by a particular scribing project that I happened to be working on. I knew that there had to be a way of making scribing easier, faster and accurate.

Back in 1995, when installing a bespoke kitchen into an old stone barn, I faced a particularly tricky scribing task when it came to the in fill panel between the cabinet and the exposed stone wall.

Gary's workstation

Finding a block of wood, cutting it to the correct scribe width, holding the material, the block and the pencil needed the two of us to get the job done.

At that moment, I visualised a scribing tool, went home and drew out the rudimentary prototype. It was so clear in my mind—a lightbulb moment!

Profiler+® prototypes
  • Without exception, it needed to be one handed.
  • The pencil needed to be in line with point of contact with the wall.
  • Adjustable to hold most pencils or markers.
  • Adjustable to the width of the scribe required.

Profiler+ on a workbench

After a series of prototypes and iterations (and scouring the country to find the best possible team to build the product here in the UK), Profiler+, The Ultimate Scribing Tool, was born.

The design and functionality of the Profiler+ that you see today is a result of these principles.

Profiler+ used to shape decking

The Profiler+ is now sold globally and I never fail to be amazed by the range of scenarios of where it is used.

From the more traditional bespoke carpentry and decking to the more obscure, in skateparks and Yurts. From the UK to New Zealand, across Europe and beyond.

And today? Well, I continue to do what I love—designing and installing fitted furniture.

Plywood kitchen by Gary Nicholls

The Profiler+ is an essential part of my tool set up and I am always delighted to see that it is now in the hands of fellow professional tradespeople.

The future?

Gary and son, Greg

Profiler+ continues to grow as more tradespeople discover the tool and the family business tradition of creating bespoke fitted cabinetry continues.

Manufactured and assembled in the UK

The manufacturing and assembly of Profiler+ is based in the UK. Every tool is quality checked by Gary; safe in the knowledge that it will make your scribing job easier, faster and accurate.

Easy glide wheels

Easy Glide Wheels

no damage to finished surfaces

Adjustable pencil holder

Adjustable Pencil Holder

allows for varying sized pencils or markers to be held

Precision tip

Precision Tip

for complex profiles